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The Arrival

In April & May Thomas Clausen & Francesco Calí (accordion) will perform Clausen’s newly composed music for the theater-production “The Arrival”

Nordic Sound

June 2015 will see the release of famous recorder-star Michala Petri’ s new album, “Nordic Sound”

Super Pee

August & September will find Thomas Clausen composing a score for a cross-over ensemble, by the name “Super Pee”

Performing ‘DUO’ at The Standard

Thomas Clausen will together with swedish bass-player Matias Svensson be performing the music from the classic album simply called “DUO”

Jazz Festival at the Posthus Theater

The Copenhagen Jazzfestival has just started and I will play some concerts at the beautiful venue

Rio Rose reinstates ‘The Arrival’

This time not at ‘Sorte Hest’ but on a tour around Denmark.

Blue Rain Tour

In September Thomas Clausen is touring in Denmark, Germany & Paris with his new quartet, featuring Tomas Franck on tenor-sax & Billy Hart on drums

World premiere of my piece for solo cello

I have written a piece for solo cello for my good friend John Ehde. John is an extraordinary cello player, at once intense and virtuoso with a strong sense for modern music. We have been friends for nearly 30 year. In my piece there will be tango, samba and balkan rhythms, a Wienese waltz and […]

Nyt duo album ude med Carlos Malta

Brasilien møder Danmark, Syden møder Norden, samba møder jazz! Kontinenterne mødes og kæmper om magten, som de må dele. Ellers går det ikke! Så Thomas Clausen og Carlos Maltas musikalske møde repræsenterer forbrødring på flere planer, personligt, musikalsk og menneskeligt. To venner, to virtuosem musikere og komponister, med hver deres glorværdige karriere, åbner op for […]

Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2018

The Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2018 begins at the 6th of July. Below you can see a list of all my concerts. Hope to see you …