Konservatoriets Big Band plays music of Thomas Clausen
Musikhuset Aarhus


Thomas Clausen
Carlos Malta (BR)
Flute / saxophone
Jyske Musikkonservatoriums Big Band
Dir. Jens Christian Chappe

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Musikhuset Aarhus
Thomas Jensens Allé
8000 Aarhus C
+45 89 40 90 00 Get tickets Homepage

From pop to opera. From rock to baroque. From students to international stars. Music is the center of attention, when the Concert Hall every year enrich, excite and inspire more than 600.000 guests. Impressive acoustics and beautiful architecture constitute the Concert Hall’s six halls and nine scenes that set the stage for more than 1.200 yearly events.

The Concert Hall offers experiences for everyone. Children’s shows, concerts, musicals, comedy, dance, theatre, opera, performance from the Symphony Orchestra and meetings, events and conferences for business. The Concert Hall also offers many free events and activities and the opportunity to enjoy the café and restaurant johan r.

The Concert Hall is a musical cultural magnet that in addition to attract the biggest musicians to Aarhus, also has six local and musical actors as residents: The Concert Hall Aarhus, the Royal Academy of Music Aarhus/Aalborg, Aarhus Symphony Orchestra, the Danish National Opera, the theatre group Filuren and Comedy Zoo Aarhus. Together they form a Concert Hall that is one of Denmark's most popular cultural centres as well as the largest Concert Hall in Scandinavia.

The Concert Hall is a unique concert and learning centre on an international level. It is a musical melting pot, where it is possible to meet hundreds of students, teachers, professional musicians and employees in the Concert Hall every day.
You can find the Concert Hall in the heart of Aarhus and together with ARoS, Aarhus Festival, Ridehuset, Aarhus Music School, Bora Bora and Godsbanen it constitutes a cultural magnet in the center of the city.