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December 16, 2015
Performing ‘DUO’ at the Standard

Thomas Clausen will together with swedish bass-player Matias Svensson be performing the music from the classic album simply called “DUO” –  by Kenny Drew & N.H.Ø.P from 1973 on The Standard Jazzclub in Havnegade in Nyhavn from tuesday January  5th to Sunday 17th. The album…

August 19, 2015
Blue Rain Tour

In September Thomas Clausen is touring in Denmark, Germany & Paris with his new quartet, featuring Tomas Franck on tenor-sax & Billy Hart on drums. This time with Thomas Fonnesbæk on bass. The band will be performing music from it’s 2014 album “Blue Rain”, which…

July 30, 2015
Super Pee

August & September will find Thomas Clausen composing a score for a cross-over ensemble of 12 musicians from Helsingør Musikskole & MGK, by the name “Super Pee”. The ensemble will perform the music on October 28 in Kulturværftet in Helsingør on aprice-concert celebrating the most…

May 24, 2015
Nordic Sound

June 2015 will see the release of famous recorder-star Michala Petri’ s new album, “Nordic Sound” on the label OUR Recordings, a label that belongs to Michala Petri & Lars Hannibal. On this album Michala is playing together with the Finnish “Lapplands Chamber Orchestra”. Conductor:…

March 16, 2015
The Arrival

In April & May Thomas Clausen & Francesco Calí (accordion) performed Clausen’s new-composed music for the theater-production “Ankomsten” (“The Arrival”). The idea and invitation came from Teater Rio Rose, whose director Tove Bornhøft did the instruction. The scene was the theater “Sorte Hest” (“Black Horse”)…

Thomas Clausen - Phil Palombi Duo
Posthus Teatret
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Thomas Clausen - Phil Palombi Duo
Posthus Teatret
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